Decadent Dogs Deborah Marx


We specialise in marketing for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, exchanges, funds, service providers, events and conferences. We also work with content creators on both the technical and promotional facets of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

We leverage our network to establish partnerships with key stakeholders in the entertainment industry and secure press coverage for our clients across online, print and broadcast media. We use analytics as the cornerstone of our data driven approach to organic and paid social media management, with full-service creative available for content production. We focus on both mainstream fintech and crypto specific press. 

We develop Web3 strategy for our clients, navigating the metaverse, NFTs and all aspects of blockchain technology that might enhance a brand.


Public relations and social media services for cryptocurrencies, both within the crypto community and leveraging the mainstream media.


Marketing for blockchain businesses, mainstream and niche public relations and social media services. Working with long established brands to integrate blockchain tech.


Creating NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for artists, musicians, filmmakers and other content creators, handling the technical and promotional aspects of bringing them to market.